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About Me

Hey!  My name is Darren!  I'm located in Saskatoon and am the founder of 8th Chakra YXE.  What is 8th Chakra YXE?  I could not decide what to call my business.  I was becoming incredibly frustrated because it shouldn't be this difficult!  Then one day, driving to work, a voice said to me, 8th Chakra!  I live on 8th street, so it makes sense, But what is the 8th Chakra?  As soon as I pulled up to work, I googled the 8th Chakra, and it was a thing!   The 8th Chakra, also known as the "Soul Star" is the energy center known for its messages of divine love, spiritual connection and transcendence.  I immediately realized that would be perfect!   I want to create a loving place where people can connect.

How did my journey begin?  My whole life I have been searching for a creative outlet, and have had the strongest urge to play an instrument.  In 2018 I was going through a difficult time in my life, and my neighbor invited me to attend a sound bath with her from a visiting practitioner.  It really interested me so I decided to give it a try. The experience transformed my life!  Immediately after, I knew what instruments I was meant to play.

The next day I began building my collection of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums and a Shruti box. I recently completed my reiki level 2 to compliment my sound practice.  My goal is to aid people in the process of healing, the journey of self discovery, and help to navigate  these uncertain times with grace, patience, and understanding.

My partner and I are crazy dog people - we have two fur babies, Charlie and Laisey.  If you connect with one of them they may even join you in a session!

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